Soooo, Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have a soft spot in my heart (amont other places) for firemen. Now there’s a new Author named Ysabel Wilde who is releasing a book soon called “Finding Faith” and the main man in that book (Who’s name is John) is a fire fighter!!!!

Here is a picture from Ysabel’s Facebook page




I can’t wait for this book! And I can’t wait for John! 

I call DIBS! LOL!


Here is an Excerpt from “Finding Faith:” 

Teaser #1 Still up for Editing may change. This is Faith’s POV

It dawned on me that Grace must have been concerned and had come to check on me. How stupid did I look running away like that. Talk about embarrassing.
“I’ll be back in a second so don’t go disappearing on me guys.” I said, to the remaining bubbles that were shining like millions of small rainbows from candles surrounding the tub and the only two guys that never let me down Ben and Jerry.
The knocking on the door became more frequent and picked up speed. I scurried down the dark hallway fumbling with the robe trying to wrap it up as I went.
Once I reached the softly lit living room the knocking became a banging. Man, she must really be worried. “I’m coming already, keep your panties on, geez.”
The embarrassment of my reaction at the bar quickly switched to irritation. I started to gear up to let Grace have it. It was her fault I ran into John. If it had been up to me I would have never gone to the bar. I was happy to have my stress free date with Ben and Jerry. They had been my constant.
Before opening the door I took a deep soothing breath soaking up summer flowers that calmed me, while focusing on a knot in the light oak wood floor and counted to ten.
At the same time I opened the door and looked up I was greeted with one strong hand clutching the back of my hair and the other grabbing an ass cheek. Being pulled in for a searing kiss wasn’t what I was expecting. Somewhere in the back of my head I knew I should be fighting the onslaught, but it had the opposite affect and I became mush. It was comforting and surprising all wrapped in one hot package.
The air in the room disappeared getting sucked out at the same time I was getting sucked in. I was only being kept conscious by his breath passing my lips.
The only sense that was working was touch and I was drowning in it. His hard body pressed against mine radiating heat setting every nerve ending on edge. Everywhere he licked and rubbed with his tongue went on high alert waiting for the next one. His strong hands left a path of fire in their wake.