It’s not everyday that you get to move to New York City and reinvent yourself. I was tired of being boring, predictable Emma Mills. I was convinced that my life would be totally different in the Big Apple.

And I was right.

Jackson Reynard was irresistible and I had no plans on resisting him. Jackson was the epitome of tall, dark and handsome and I was more than happy to let him sweep me off my feet. I expected a summer fling but instead I got a heart-stopping romance. I realized that I had met the love of my life. I just didn’t realize that sometimes love isn’t enough.

It’s hard enough getting over an ex. It’s even harder when he becomes Hollywood’s next biggest heartthrob and his face is plastered on every magazine cover. But the hardest part? The hardest part is when he thrusts himself back into my life and won’t let go of the past.

I survived losing the man I loved the first time. I don’t think I’ll survive it again.

Book Heaux’s Rating: 2.5 Stars

I really liked the first half of this book, then slowly but surely I had to force myself to continue reading this book. I loved the relationship between Emma and Jackson at first and I was really rooting for them. I’m not sure what made S.H Kolee think it would make for a good read to break them up for five years, especially over the nonsense that caused it. Even when they did get back together it was torture. Jackson turned into a creep and psychopath and they came across as two immature adults who couldn’t talk their issues out and put in the work to be happy. This book was exhausting and exasperating, but the sad thing is…. Had the story taken a different route It could’ve been very interesting.