From the moment she first saw him running on the treadmill next to her, Spencer Marshall had fallen head over heels in love with Brandon Montgomery. After Spencer has a near-death experience she would rather forget, they do their best to move on with their lives, leaving their past behind them.

Thankful for a fresh start and eager to move on with her life, Spencer focuses on helping her best friend Ryan Kennedy plan her wedding. Everything seems to be going as planned when someone from Brandon’s past reappears. Can Spencer and Brandon survive the coming days as they struggle to deal with ghosts from the past?

Book Heaux’s Rating: 5 Stars!!!!

I don’t know HOW Kimberly expects me to read the book, when I can’t stop staring at the cover!!!! Again!!!!! Her cover’s ROCK!!!

Ok… onto my review….. I seriously can’t get enough of Brandon and Spencer! Their chemistry radiates off the pages of this book! And the sex had me sweating like a sinner in church!!! LOL! Those two are definitely one of the hottest fictional couples I’ve ever read about! Although their relationship is awesome, there are just somethings is Brandon’s past that JUST WON’T GO AWAY!!! Thank God he’s such a good catch, other wise I would be telling Spencer to RUN LIKE THE WIND!!! Brandon really proves over and over in this book, that he is a damn good guy (And his Christmas gift to her wasn’t too shabby either!) I wanted a little more groveling from Travass! Maybe even some tears! LOL! I know that’s a stretch, but I really hate the guy!  I was soo glad Brandon handled him!

I really love this couple, and if you don’t know them… you NEED to meet them. Kimberly’s books always give you what you need. If you like hot sex.. they have ALOT OF IT!! Need some drama? Chock full O’drama. Need a good laugh? It’s funny!

I can’t wait for the final book, but let me say this. It better be UPS or Fedex at that door, because I simply CAN’T handle anymore drama!!….. Who am I kidding? Bring on the drama Kimberly!