Ellie Carmichael had a crush on Adam Sutherland, her brother, Braden’s, best friend, for years, and although Adam treated her with proprietary concern he made it clear he thought of her only as a little sister. 
Over the years, as Ellie’s crush develops into love, her romantic idealism makes it difficult for her to move on. To make matters worse, as she’s gotten older, Adam’s attitude has changed toward her. His affection for her is now joined by attraction, but his loyalty to Braden, and his fear of losing the only family he has, stops him from claiming Ellie the way she wishes he would. 
But one night his attraction is put to the test, and as much as Adam would like things to remain the same everything changes between them in a simple brush of the lips. 
Soon lust, love, jealousy and heartbreak combine to force change upon their relationship… and Adam discovers the hard way that life is too damn short to spend it on regret.

Book Heaux Rating: 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!

Why was this awesome book only a novella??? I am seriously going through withdrawal right now! What a sweet story! Until Fountain Road has seriously just opened my appetite! I NEED MORE! We got the history of Ellie and Adam through Ellie’s diary entries, and the story was beautiful! Samantha is one hell of a talented writer. Not only did this story make a huge fan of Ellie and Adam,n it also tied about many questions I still had from On Dublin Street by showing Ellie’s point of view on some key situations. The road to Ellie and Adam getting together was a loooong one, and it surely wasn’t easy. This just makes the possibility of their Happily Ever After feel that much sweeter. I felt every emotion I normally feel during a good book. I laughed, I was frustrated….and at the end…..My heart sighed.

And who knew Adam was so damn romantic?

“This morning I’m making love to you, because our first time should be about that”            


I need more from these two, and I’m still wondering what the hell made Samantha not want to make her follow-up story about them? I have zero interest in Johanna… is that even her name?
I need to go reread On Dublin Street!!! *sigh*