Well, look what we have here!!! Ysabel Wilde has decided to give us an Easter treat…. A little something to fill our HOT FIREMAN fix until the May 1st release of Finding Faith!!!!




A heavy aroma of cowboy cookies wafted in the air, causing my stomach to grumble for a taste. But the sexy vision standing at the counter mixing the next batch made my cock twitch wanting to eat her more.

Pinning her between my legs from behind I wrapped my arms around her small waist, pulling her up against my stiff rod, so she could feel what she was doing to me. What she always did to me!
I planted a kiss against the side of her neck. Then whispering in the husky voice that I was well aware turned her on I said, “ Thanks for baking my favorite cookies, babe, but I don’t think I’ll get to eat them until later.”
With eyes that always read me we locked gazes. She gave her ass a shimmy against my now throbbing bulge.
“Why?” She asked with a coy smile on her face. “Is there something that needs taken care of ?” She breathed, biting her lip in wait of my response.
After spinning her to face me I bent down so our lips could meet, sweeping a long, slow kiss inside her welcoming mouth. The taste of cookie dough riled me up to the point of madness forcing me to take her right there.

“Fuck, Bauers. Are you listening to me?” George’s gruff voice brought me out of an old memory that I would do anything to get back.
“No, I got tired of hearing to your sorry ass bitch. Say it again? Where did Luke go?”
George blew off my question about Luke and continued. “Grace. She keeps bothering me to help hook up our friend. Why are you such a pansy ass and never go out?”
“Fuck off, Mancini. I had so much pussy back in the day the Mayor asked to dip my dick in gold and put it on display. I’m over that shit. I told you, I don’t play anymore.” I answered, pulling out the foot rest of my recliner to raise my feet, while folding my arms behind my head.
“Just what I thought, a fucking pansy.” George grumbled shaking his head. “One day I’ll get your ass to go out with us, Killer.” Pulling his cell out of his pocket George started typing like a mad man, with fingers so big it made you wonder how he ever hit the correct keys.
Before I could ask about Luke again he stormed in from the ambulance bay.
“Alright, mother fuckers, since I have to be stuck here working with all you assholes on Easter, I’m making your pricks hunt for eggs lets go.” Luke said fanning his arms up and down for us to obey him.
“Sure, if you say so.” I mumbled, flinging the recliner back to its upright position, standing up. My reply was more for George’s benefit than Luke, but neither guy seemed to care. I had given up on finding the girl of my dreams so it didn’t matter who they wanted me to meet.