The passion between Mel and Ty is undeniable. But do they have the love to go the distance?

Melissa Cruz has been in love with her best friend’s sexgod of an older brother since … well, since forever. She let Tyler slip away in the past, but this time she is determined to have a second chance at love, even if that means packing up and leaving her family and best friend behind.

Tyler Gelson has admired his little sister’s spitfire of a friend since the day since the day he met her. Over the years, that little girl has turned into one hell of a hot woman and he has definitely taken notice. The love he feels for her has him making some tough decisions. Ones that involve leaving his dream job and moving back home for good.

When unexpected news comes their way, will Mel and Ty let the distance wreck their second chance at happiness? Or will these soul mates prove that the love they share is more than what happens Between The Sheets?

(Although, that’s pretty damn good too.)

Book Heaux Rating: 5 Stars!!!!

Melissa is by far my favorite character in the Against The Wall series, after what happened with her ex husband I wanted nothing more than for her to get her Happily Ever After. The fact that she is HILARIOUS made me love her so much more!

“When I was with Nick, I thought I was gonna have to go to the doctor to get treated for tennis elbow because that guy wanted me to jack him off every five seconds and then he’d have the nerve to kiss me goodnight and fall asleep”

Lmao!!! She’s the best!

Melissa was such a tough cookie in Against The Wall, it was great to see her soften up a little bit in this book because Ty was able to bring it out of her:)

So, I am just a quick roll in the sheets? You’re not interested in making this something more?

The smokin’ hot bedroom scenes in this book more than made up for the abstinence in Against the Wall. I was really rooting for Mel and Ty, it must be torturous to finally find the man for you and live hours away from him. I really wanted these two to get it right, my girl Mel deserves it! I don’t want to spoil anything and elaborate more about story plot, but this was an awesome read.

Julie uses terms like “Ear Hustling” (had to look it up on Urban Dictionary) and references rap songs, and I think its so cool! I read some books and have to constantly wonder what year the main characters live in…. because no one speaks like that in 2013. I love these books! Easy reads, very entertaining…. But as much as I want to see more of Shelly and Melissa, I don’t really care for Summer…. I will still read it, rolling my eyes the whole time! WORD! LOL!