I am a HUGE FAN of The Against The Wall Series by Julie Prestsater, so I jumped at the oppurtunity to interview Julie Prestsater before the upcoming release of the 3rd and final book in the series “Straddling The Edge.” It was sooo much fun! Check it out:

Hello Julie! Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview! The Book Heaux’s love the “Against the Wall” Series!

  1. Where did you come up with the Concept for the “Against the wall series?”

After writing the Double Threat series about a group of high school friends, I started thinking about their teachers. I’m a high school teacher and thought it would be fun to try and capture what happens after we all leave campus. 😀 I also like writing real, everyday characters which this goofy bunch of teachers definitely is.

I adore the friendship Shel and Mel have… Are you part of a real life Shel/Mel duo?

Absolutely. My best friend and I have been friends since we were in the fourth grade (over 25 years—holy shit). My daughter even has her name. If you were to listen to us chat, or text (yes, I’m well into my 30s and I still text), you’d find we are very similar to Shel and Mel. Actually, they’re pretty tame in contrast to some of our conversations. Haha!

Did any of your personal experiences trickle down into your writing?

Unfortunately, I don’t have two hot teachers at my school fighting over me. Dammit! Haha. Just kidding, I’m a happily married woman and my hubs isn’t a teacher.  However, there are A LOT of teachers and their spouses who work at the same schools.  And many who find their happily ever afters with a co-worker. So maybe not so much experiences, but my characters definitely have some of the same mannerisms as some of my teacher friends. Yes, I have a friend who has to tell me to stop dropping the f-bombs and use my “public” voice. LOL!

What is your favorite scene from both books?

Oh shit. Just one. Probably when Mel and Shel go on a man hunt and they run into the guy with a camel toe, and the other dudes who are so young they listened to the Jonas Brothers. Oh, but I really like the body shot scene too. Oh, and the epilogue to Between The Sheets. Okay, I did more than one. I’m fired.

Many of the books released lately have tons of sex scenes, what made you decide to have your characters who decide to abstain in “Against the wall”?

While I love a good sex scene, sometimes I find myself skipping over them. I think, “They’re doing it again? And again? And again a page later?” Shit, my cooch hurts just thinking about it. LOL! Don’t get me wrong, they’re great stories, I guess it’s just not the end all for me. After Shel got dumped, I didn’t want her relationship to be about the sex. I wanted her to LOVE Matt, and I knew that’s what he wanted too. And even when they did do it, it wasn’t this beautiful, see stars in your eyes kind of things that others describe. It was messy, awkward, and fun, as many first times are. I love that about these characters. I think Mel and Summer make up for the lack of sex in the first book though. Haha.

So, Summer *cough* the home wrecker *cough* was the arch nemesis in the first 2 books, what made you decide to tell her story? Can she be redeemed?

I really love Summer now. I did not like her. Not one bit. I seriously wanted to punch her! Lol. I have no idea what made me want to write her story. I just kept thinking, she can’t end up with that douche, Chase. I think my readers are really going to like her. You’re going to find out that she’s not who we all thought she was. There are a lot of things we assumed and never took the time to find out. That’s Mel and Shel’s fault. They never did their homework on the new girl. And guess what? I’ll be writing Chase’s story too. At the request of one of my readers whose opinion I treasure, I’m going to give Chase a chance to redeem himself as well, with the help of a hot student teacher he’s forced to evaluate and she thinks he’s a total dick from the moment they meet. 😀 Can’t wait to put him through hell to get to his HEA!

Here is the speed round…. Don’t think… Just answer:

My celebrity crush is Channing Tatum. (I want to dance with him just once)

My weirdest phobia is walking over manholes.

The best time of the day for sex is morning.

I’m totally addicted to French Fries.

Marriage is filled with laughter.

The best compliment I’ve been given was from students who say they are readers now because of my encouragement.

The most important lesson I’ve learned about love is compromise.

If you had to choose 5 book boyfriends, they would be (yes only 5)

  1. Mac McCarthy from Maid for Love by Marie Force
  2. Josh Kowalski from All He Ever Dreamed by Shannon Stacey
  3. Carter Billings from Married By Monday by Catherine Bybee
  4. Nick Merimon from Fall For Me by Sydney Landon
  5. Sam Reynolds from Reunion by MR Joseph

Sex on the first date is setting you up for doom.

The illegal thing I would do if I could get away with it: run on the field at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, jump on Tony Romo, wrap my arms and legs around him like a Koala, and plant a big wet sloppy kiss on his … cheek. (I’ve obviously really thought about that one)

The quality you like most in a man is a good sense of humor.

The best comfort food is: ice cream.

The best gift I’ve ever been given was my surprise 30th birthday party.

My most embarrassing moment was when I found out of one my bosses was reading Against The Wall. Talk about blushing!

I feel sexiest when: I’ve shaved my legs. Hahah! I’m too damn dorky to be sexy.

(Fill in the blank) I am a Music Heaux.

Julie Thank you sooo much for your time! XOXO

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