A 16K word erotic romance novella.

Bella Darcy is personal assistant, muse and plaything to wealthy businessman Mr. Pettifor. Their 9-5 relationship is unconventional, but mutually satisfying.

Mr. Pettifor is alpha male personified – demanding, stern, insatiable, emotionally closed-off and seemingly indifferent to anything that doesn’t involve six zeros behind it.

Bella had never wanted more until the day she heard passionate cries that didn’t belong to her, coming from his office. Deeply hurt and realizing that she cannot be with a man who can so blatantly be with another woman while she is mere feet away, Bella turns in her letter of resignation, throwing Mr. Pettifor into a tailspin. Everything he’s worked so hard for now seems insignificant and the woman whom he trained to be everything he wanted, has now decided to move on, leaving him reeling.

Book Dame Rating 4 Stars

This was a fun, short story; novella. Even though it was short, it told a great story and really wasn’t lack anything! I was able to get involved with these characters, which I find in novella can be hard to do. I felt Bella’s torment over her feelings for her boss. Even though we really didn’t get a lot of Mr. Pettifor’s feeling mostly just his hard shell, you knew there was more there. I enjoyed this story and was happy with epilogue.