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Kimberly Knight Interview Questions:

Hello Kimberly!

All of us here at “Confessions of a Book Heaux” Love your series. Brandon and Spencer are seriously one of the hottest couples we have ever read about! Book Dame (One of the Heaux’s) Always has “fan girl” moments when we receive a “Like” or some kind of acknowledgement from an Author she love. Interviewing you is definitely a “Fan girl” moment for me

KK- Haha, it’s my pleasure.

OK so on to the interview:

  • Where did you come up with the story of Brandon and Spencer? 

KK- Really, it evolved while I wrote Where I Need to Be. My friend and I were hooked on erotica books and we would joke that we were going to write a book. I told her to be the writer and I would brainstorm because I honestly thought that I couldn’t write. Then she said that she couldn’t write it and the more we talked about it, the more I actually wanted to write it. So one day, I told my husband “I’m going to write a book!” and he thought I was joking of course and I told him about what my friend and I talked about…at that point we had only talked about the Vegas bar scene…not even the dance floor part. My husband helped me come up with Trevor’s character and he was supposed to be in WIN2B but when I started writing, it didn’t work out that way. I was actually at the gym one night and a hot guy got on the treadmill next to me. I texted my friend about the hot guy on the treadmill next to me like Gideon Cross and I just had to put it in the book. So long story short, a lot of brainstorming mixed with real life situations created the story of Brandon and Spencer…even Christy is based on a real life person I know.

  • Any special reason why Spencer and Ryan are women with male names? (I love that by the way)

KK- I have always loved the name Spencer for a girl. I will probably name my daughter that if I ever have one. My friend that I joked around with about writing a book, picked the name Ryan because we thought it would be cool. Some people love it, some hate it. I think its awesome to have something different in a book!

  • Any plans to make Ryan and Max’s story into a novel?

KK- I’ve never really thought about them having their own story. I want to do Brandon’s brother and of course everyone would be mentioned in the books. Who really knows what will happen. I will try to give the people what they want because my biggest pet peeve is when authors stop writing a series when 1) they could keep going and 2) people want it!

  • What are the Pro’s and Con’s of being an Indie writer?

KK- For me the pros are being able to do whatever I want. I get to pick my cover (I am even the one that designs them), I get to set my release date, I don’t have an editor breathing down my neck wanting me to submit stuff for a deadline, I get to set my own price and I make all the money for all my hard word…except when Amazon, B&N, Smashwords and Kobo takes their cut:D

I would say the only con is, not having the book deal advanced income…and maybe publicity.

  • “Where I Need to Be” and “Wanted” were full of drama, what direction are you looking to take Brandon and Spencer’s relationship in “Anything Like Me?” Will we be “Clutching our pearls” again from all the craziness?

KK- I actually don’t have the full story mapped out yet. Brandon and Spencer are going to struggle with a few things but I can assure you that its nothing like the first two books. The ghosts are in the past.

Here’s the speed round… Don’t think, just answer! LOL

My celebrity crush is damn you want me to pick just one? Um….Ian Somerhalder

My weirdest phobia is I am scared of those people dressed up in costumes at an amusement park…well at least I was when I was a kid. Now, I try to avoid them but won’t run and scream if I don’t have to, lol.

The best time of the day for sex is after a shower, lol

I’m totally addicted to carbs

Marriage is expensive

The best compliment I’ve been given was “You’re a talented writer. Keep it up!”

The most important lesson I’ve learned about love is don’t settle for just anyone

If you had to choose 5 book boyfriends, they would be (yes only 5) Brandon Montgomery (duh!), Gideon Cross, Kellan Kyle, Travis Maddox and Lucas Wolfe

Sex on the first date is stupid!

The illegal thing I would do if I could get away with it: Rob a bank. haha j/k…wait maybe?

The quality you like most in a man is humor

The best comfort food is: ice cream

The best gift I’ve ever been given was my engagement ring

My most embarrassing moment was I peed my pants on a hike while on a field trip in 5th grade!

I feel sexiest when: I’ve been working out for at least a month!

(Fill in the blank) I am a Smut Heaux

 Thank you sooo much for your time!!!! 


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