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Book Dame’s Interview with Author Beverly Preston,

I’m so excited to share your book and this interview with all the book lovers and Heauxs. This is a great book and it’s going to be a fun series. I kind of stumbled on in this little book gem. I saw a post that Beverly had made on Facebook, promoting her book and then I messaged her saying I was going to share it on our blog page. Her passion about this book intrigued me and next thing you know I’m messaging Beverly like we are old friends telling her how much I am enjoying it and begging for the inside scoop! Read my review I loved this book, and now on with the interview!

Are you an avid reader?  If so what’s favorite Book?

I am an avid reader.  My TBR list is growing, but my free time is shrinking drastically these days. My all-time favorite book is Blue-Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas.  All I can say is…Hardy Cates!

Did you ever picture yourself as an author?

I never dreamed of being a writer. I’ve been a Domestic Engineer for twenty-three years, raising four kids as well as designing and building custom homes with my husband.  The last story I wrote was more than thirty years ago in Jr. High. It was about my cat Fluffy and had a very Scooby Doo vibe to it. Ironically, my mother saved the paper all these years and gave it to me not to long ago.

You said this book came to you in a dream of you losing your husband, were all the characters there or did it kick start your imagination?

No More Wasted Time began as a snippet of a dream. It is the scene where Tess is boarding a boat in Bora Bora to release her husband’s ashes into the lagoon and Tom shows up to “steal” her private tour. The dream was very realistic and haunted me for weeks building into this full-blown story. With some encouragement from my oldest daughter, I sat down and started typing. As I began writing the story and characters came to life.

Have you been to Bora Bora? And will you take me next time, your description sounds like paradise?

My husband and I traveled to Bora Bora a few years ago! It is the most exotic place I’ve ever been. I tried to do it justice, but words can’t describe the true beauty and the feeling of sensuality that emanates from that tiny speck of sand in the South Pacific. I tell everyone who asks, “Go! But don’t go with friends because you’ll never see them.” 😉

Have you swam with Sharks or Manta Rays?

We love to snorkel and had the opportunity to swim with black reef tip sharks and kiss sting rays in Bora Bora, but missed out on the manta rays…next time!  Swimming six feet away from sharks was one of the craziest, most incredible moments of my life and can’t wait to do it again! It even inspired my first tattoo.

I love how real Tess is and I can relate to her life being about being a wife and kids and how she was devastated over losing her husband. This book had so many things to take away with itself, discovering being one of them, was this hard to write about? It’s a bit emotional but not overly sad.

That is such a loaded question for me. I’ve been married over twenty years and my husband is the absolute love of my life. Several scenes revolve around the death of Tess’ husband and I still cry if I read them. I actually sobbed while writing them. When I started writing No More Wasted Time, three of my four children were getting ready to leave the nest. As I move on to the next chapter of my life wondering what’s next, I’ve discovered s lot about myself as a woman. I believe in the saying Everything Happens for a Reason, my writing journey included, and the entire series revolves it.

How many books in the series are you planning?  Shalya next, then JC and Tracy any I forgetting and does John get a book?

There are four books in The Mathews/Clemmins Family Series. All of your favorite characters weave throughout, and each book highlights a family member. Shayla’s Story is next and you can expect to travel back to Greece as well as California and Colorado. In book three, The Perfect Someday, Tracy Mathews is going to take you on a wine tasting rendezvous in Tuscany. The fourth book in the series is yet untitled, but already written!  You can expect to fall hard international style for JC and Reed! You might even go back to Bora Bora!

So we have talked some and I’m not past begging but I’m dying to know what was going on in Toms head when he first saw Tess at the front desk and how he sent Mariah home?  And just so the readers know I also tried to get her daughters point of view when they received those first photos, I picture JC squealing and Tracy shocked.

The first time Tom saw Tess at check-in, he was tongue-tied. As they brushed shoulders he wanted to talk to her, but couldn’t find the words. He’s dated dozens of women, but THAT was a first for him! When Tracy and JC see a picture of their mom wrapped in the arms of Hollywood hottie Tom Clemmins, which could only be described as a very passionate kiss, they freak out! JC throws her hands in the air and does the happy dance, thrilled that her mom as if she is finally enjoying life. Tracy frowns speculatively, having no hope for a happy outcome. She fears her mom is going to her heartbroken by one of Hollywood’s biggest playboys.

Here is the speed round…. Don’t think… Just answer:

celebrity  crush –  George Clooney! There is a slight itsy bitsy tiny minute possibility that The Silver Haired Fox, might have been on Ellen the day before I had my dream! 😉

weirdest  phobia – I am terrified of ledges and confined places.

The best time of the day for sex – I’m not particular, but my husband does come home for lunch every day. 😉

I’m totally addicted to – my spin bike and coffee .

 Marriage is – the most precious thing in my life. Don is my husband, lover and best friend.

The best compliment I’ve been given was – A few weeks before I published NMWT, we were at a Christmas party and a woman asked me what I did for a living. Normally I would say, “I’m a Domestic Engineer.” But before I could answer my husband said, “She’s a writer.”

The most important lesson you’ve learned about love – Kiss! Whether you’ve been married one year or twenty, never give up on the art of kissing!

Fill in the blank, I’m a Travel Heaux!

Thanks so much for having me, Confessions of a Book Heaux! This has been a fun interview! 😉

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