She wouldn’t even be in the predicament if it weren’t for Travis. A phone call in the middle of the night to ask for a “free pass” from her boyfriend of 7 1/2 years was hard to take seriously. When he doesn’t get the answer he wanted, his drunken stupor is all it takes to tell her via text message that it’s over. That’s enough to irritate Mattie into flying home to deal with him.

However, bad weather grounds her flight out of Washington leaving her stranded in the airport all night with one other passenger… Logan McNarry.

Ordinarily, she wouldn’t even think of speaking to him, but Travis’ unexpected break up was just the opportunity she needed to seek passion in the arms of another man.

All this leads up to the predicament that Mattie must face. Choosing the safe, steady life already mapped out, or chasing the love and passion one only stumbles upon once in a lifetime.

Book Dame’s Rating 4.5 Stars

“Choose Me”

This is a great book, I read this book awhile back after Sassy found it! Then I came across it again and decided to review it! The second time reading was just as good as the first! That’s not always the case, but this book has a little of everything. Lots of steamy scenes, a sweet guy and a family secret that will have your mouth dropping open in shock! Logan McNarry is not your typical bad boy but I promises you’ll love him. Hello did you see the hot marine on the cover, what’s not to love. (and I’m lucky to say I married one!)  He is definitely one of sweetest book men I’ve read about, he falls head over heels and he has no plans on denying it. Mattie on the other hand already has her life mapped out and never really gave much thought to any other path. That is until a drunken call from her cheating boyfriend leads her straight into Logan. Logan stirs something in Mattie she never knew existed and certainly never felt. After an amazing encounter Mattie whole future is in question. Of course nothing is easy but one thing for sure love and fate always seem to win, right?

“Logan: 6:10 am Today-I miss you.

Quickly I typed in a return message: I’m not even at the end of the street yet.

Logan: 6:11 am Today-That’s too far, come back?”