Hello Natasha! Us girls over at Confessions of a Book Heaux really enjoyed “The Unwanted Wife.” We are so very happy that you agreed to this interview!!! So here goes:


1.    How did you come up with the plot for “The Unwanted Wife?”

– Well, I started writing Rick and Lisa’s story first. Theresa was Rick’s friend and she was the one who introduced him to Lisa. But I found Theresa and her mysterious, moody husband so much more intriguing than poor Rick and Lisa that I couldn’t wait to come up with a back story for them. I abandoned Rick and Lisa and focused on Theresa and Sandro instead. I chose to feature Rick and Lisa as an established couple in their book.

2.    With Sandro being Italian, there was quite a bit of Italian being spoke in the book… Do you speak fluent Italian?

– Not at all! I’m happy if some people thought that I’m fluent in Italian because it means that my language research paid off. In truth I’m truly awful at language acquisition. I’ve lived in Japan for 9 years and still speak THE worst Japanese you could ever imagine.

3.    Were you worried that readers would have a hard time warming up to Sandro? Especially after the way he treated Theresa in the beginning of the book?

– Yes, I really was. I was hoping they’d stick with the book long enough to see his evolution from monster to loving husband. He was never a complete jerk and I was hoping that even without his POV, people would be able to tell that he had regrets and that he wasn’t as cold and heartless as he appeared to be.

4.    Will there be any follow-up to “The Unwanted Wife?” Maybe a novella? Or a second book?

– There is a second book but it’s not about Sandro and Theresa. They feature in the next two books but as background characters. Readers who are keen on knowing how they’re doing will be able to “catch up with them” so to speak in Book 2 and especially in Book 3.

5.    When you picture Sandro and Theresa, whom do you think of?

– That’s such a difficult question. I never really had anybody in mind when I created them. I find it a little distracting if a writer references a movie star or celebrity in their books when describing their characters. If I dislike the celeb then it takes me right out of the book and in some cases I’ve found myself unable to even finish a book because I kept thinking, “…but that actor isn’t even HOT!! Why is she with a guy who looks like him? Ewww!” So I’m afraid that answering this question may actually cause some readers to go, “OMG! That wasn’t who I was picturing at all when I imagined Sandro!” Lmao… I wouldn’t want to ruin any fantasies. I think it’s best left to the readers’ imaginations.


Ok here’s the Speed round…. Don’t think, just answer!


Describe yourself in three words?

Short, round, delicious

Celebrity crush: Hugh Jackman

Weirdest Phobia: I don’t like getting head massages. It totally freaks me out.

Best time of the day for sex: Late at night. When you’re at your most relaxed (morning sex is great but the whole dragon breath thing can be off-putting and hopping out of bed for a quick brush of the teeth can be a mood dampener. Am I over-analysing this?! I am, aren’t I? Well then, let me ask you this: is there ever a BAD time of the day for sex?).

I’m totally addicted to: chocolate

Marriage is: commitment

The best compliment I’ve been given was: Being called exotic-looking (but now that I think about it, what the heck does that mean anyway? Is that even a compliment?!!)

The most important lesson you’ve learned about love: It takes dedication and strength of character

Four people to have dinner with, dead or alive: Nelson Mandela, Hugh Jackman, Freddy Mercury, Helen Mirren

Sex on the first date: I wouldn’t recommend it.

The illegal thing I would do if I could get away with it: Getting stuck in a chocolate store overnight and being “forced” to eat the candy to, y’know, stay alive. It’s all about survival people!

The quality I most likes in a man: An awesome sense of humour

The comfort food I crave most is: mashed potatoes with chicken mushroom pie and vegetables

The best gift I’ve ever been given was: An engraved gold and silver pen from my baby brother.

Most embarrassing moment: So many! Most memorable one was plunging headfirst down a waterslide and coming up the other end with one of my boobs hanging out. No fun for a 14 year old

I feel most sexy when: I smell good (Weird, I know)

5 book boyfriends (Yes only 5): Man, how limiting! In no particular order – Sebastian St Vincent (Devil in Winter), Harry Braxton (As You Desire), Christian Langland – The Duke of Jervaulx (Flowers from the Storm), Malkom Slaine (Demon from the Dark), Bobbie Tom Denton (Heaven, Texas)


Favorite drink? A shot of tequila


 And of course,

I’m An Extreme Book Heaux!


(Example, shoes, books,

Purses, shopping etc.)