Izzy was in a car accident, resulting in her quitting her job. Months later is ready to get back in the world of employment. A once in a life time job becomes available. Izzy is offered an interview, where she meets Donte. 

Donte is the big boss and it’s almost love at first sight, Only Donte has a secret and has lots of difficult choices and obstacles for him to face

 “Oh, now that you work for me, please, no more Mr. Mills. Call me Donte.” How can he make that sound sexy?”


I liked this book, BUT OH THE ANGST!!!! I’m a fan of some angst, but this relationship was chock full o’ drama!!! Love, Lies and Hurt Trilogy is the perfect name for this! LOL!!!

I look forward to the next book! I need to see what happens with these two!!!!