Interview with The Loving Dom

A short story by Sexy and Sassy Sub Heaux


Once inside the dimly lit bar Sassy and Sexy are beaming with smiles as they go to find The Loving Dom for their interview. Both women have been on pins and needles not knowing what to expect. They envision a big burly man, full of piss and vinegar. Sexy is scared to death and Sassy is biting at the bit to get at him. Luckily for them the flight to the UK was comfortable. Feeling rested enough, they decide not to waste a valuable second and make time for speed shopping before they head out for their main reason for being there.

The London streets were bustling making them hustle, barely reaching their destination on time. While on their hunt for their interviewee, laughing as they go talking about the killer red stilettos Sassy bought they are stopped by a deep throat clearing itself, finding themselves face to face with an unhappy gentleman.

“Excuse me, Sir we’re looking for someone. We didn’t mean to disturb you.” Sexy says, while glancing around briefly before landing on him again. His suit is well tailored and not a hair out of place. The longer she stands watching him, wishing he’d move, the more she decides he could actually be handsome if it wasn’t for the scowl on his face.

“Whom are you looking for?” The gentleman asks in a British accent that suddenly makes them weak in the knees.

Catching Sexy off guard by his question, Sassy senses her loss and takes over. “We’re meeting someone for an interview, but I don’t think he’s here yet. Can you move? You’re in our way.” She says scanning the crowded pub, blowing off the nosy guy.

He takes a drink of his whiskey and says, “Oh really?” Crossing his arms across his chest as he leans back on his heels, as if he’s waiting for more, looking down at his watch with annoyance.

Sassy and Sexy both turn to each other confused, shrugging their shoulders. They are about to continue their search when he says, “I don’t have all day girls. Let’s get going with it,” waving a hand at two empty chairs, calling the waitress over and putting in drink orders for both Sexy and Sassy without asking.

“I don’t think you understand, Sir, we have to meet someone. We don’t have time for a drink with you. We’re already late as it is.” Sexy says, finally finding her voice, but unable to stare him in the eyes.

Who does this guy think he is? If a businessman having a drink at lunch is bad Sexy will hate to see what The Loving Dom will be like, especially since they ran late with the unplanned trip to the boutique and now this stranger.

As if lightning struck, the scowl vanished and was replaced with a smirk. The handsome business man asks, “What do you think the person you’re meeting looks like, may I ask?”

“Well, not you. Don’t you have to get back to work or something?” Sexy says, irritated he’s making them later than they already were.

“Excuse me, why not?” He says sharply, raising an eyebrow at Sexy.

“You could never be who we’re interviewing.” Sassy says, dismissively. “You’re a regular guy, the one were meeting isn’t,” looking past him as she finishes, dismissing him.

“I’m not sure where to put myself.” He says.

Whipping their heads back in his direction they both take a big swallow, slowly turning to stare at each other wide eyed, as the realization sunk in.

He pointed at the chairs again with a big smile plastered on his face eyes twinkling and they followed his direction sitting down in silence. Not wanting to stall any longer Sassy finds the questions they’d worked on, giving them a once over. Considering how long it took to get them, they wanted to make sure they were perfect. Surely they couldn’t mess this up.

Fingers tapped on the table by The Loving Dom work like a crop on Sassy’s rear getting her talking. “So let’s get this show on the road. First we want to start with just a couple of questions about what BDSM is exactly and how you came into the lifestyle.” Sassy says rubbing her hands together in excitement.

“What is your definition of BDSM Sir?”

“As per the dictionary definition; Bondage Discipline Sadism Masochism. I love and practice all aspects.”

“How long have you been actively living as a Dom?”

“It doesn’t quite work that way. I have been around the fetish scene for about 15 years, attending fetish clubs, events etc. but without actually being a practicing Dom. I was introduced to S&M first via a friend who was a pain slut and sub of another. She taught me the S&M side of things but I became fascinated with the D/s side too, so I studied hard and talked to lots of people, in real life and online. I then fell into the scene a couple of years ago and started training as a Dom practically, taking on subs and learning different aspects of D/s with each one. I have since had real life subs, online subs and I have online mentored, different times. I have been a normal Dom and a Daddy Dom so have experience of both these dynamics. I personally believe the sub defines which direction you take. Officially I am not a Master, I have a sub not a slave, but my sub does refer to me by this title out of respect.”

“Very interesting, Sir.” Sexy says.

“Now that we got the educational part of this interview completed, Sexy and I want to ask you some fun things in what we like to call a speed round. We want people to understand that you are just like anybody else. There is no special sign you wear, or way you dress, that would make people notice your lifestyle choice. A lesson you just taught us ourselves, I may add.” Sassy says giving Sexy a sideways glance.

“Why did you start The Loving Dom Facebook page?”

“As a reaction to the myriad of fake Doms online.”

“What inspires your musings?”

“Time and scenes with my sub.”

“What is your favorite accessory/toy for a scene?”


“Well, that’s not very surprising since you always threaten to use your crop on your Facebook page.” Sassy says.

By now everyone at the table was relaxed. The atmosphere and noise of the bar helped the ladies feel more at home even if the questions they were asking were rather personal for a first time meeting.

“Marriage is?” Sassy questioned.

“Not to be repeated if I had my time over.”

“Sex on the first date?”

“In the past on occasion but not a norm.”

“Favorite part of a woman’s body?”

“Ass, it’s my love of spanking that draws me.”

“Yes, that would explain your spankalicious album on Facebook.” Sexy says, receiving a smirk and a finger pointing to her that she was correct from The Loving Dom.

“I’ve been dying to ask this question, boxers or briefs Sir?” Sassy asks cutting in.

“Midways, tight boxers.”

“Favorite time of day?”


“Favorite movie?”

“Blues Brothers.”

“Cool!” Sexy blurts out, earning her stares from Sassy and The Loving Dom. “Umm, that’s where I’m from sorry I got kind of excited.” she say, sinking back into her chair wishing it would swallow her up.

Sassy mouths “nerd” to her and turns back to The Loving Dom. Continuing Sassy asks, “Celebrity crush?”

“Kate Pearson, singer with b52‘s.”

“Favorite rock band?”


“Favorite piece of classical music?”

“Beethoven’s moonlight Sonata.”

“Favorite author?”

“John O’Farrell, I read mainly non- fiction.”

“If you could have dinner with four people, dead or alive, who would they be?”

“John Lennon, Prince, Frank Black, David Bowie.”

Sassy dips her head in Sexy’s direction and mumbles “Prince? Who would want to eat dinner with him?” giggling.

“Excuse me, Sassy, you have a problem with Prince?” A gruff voice says cutting into the two girls silent laughter, making their backs straighten instantly.

“Nope, not a thing, Sir!” Sassy says trying to hide her grin.

“That’s better.” The Loving Dom says with a grin of his own.

“Let’s continue. If you were stranded on a lonely beach, what are the five things that you would want to have with you?” Sassy asks.

“IPod, Phone-if signal, Crop-you never know who you might meet, Crate of Favourite Whiskey, Scuba gear.”

“Weirdest phobia?”

“The dark, proper ‘can’t see the hand’ dark.”

“I’m totally addicted to?”

“My phone.”

“Best gift I’ve ever been given?”

“My son.” Both Sassy and Sexy let out small sighs.

“Most embarrassing moment?”

“Setting off on motor bike with a disc lock on, in a very full car park.”

Sassy and Sexy both chuckle, afraid if they laugh out loud he’ll get angry, but when they look at him he has a smile on his face laughing with them.

“Cat or dog person?”


“Favorite car?”

“Alpha Romeo. Any.”

“Favorite drink?”

“Timothy Taylor’s LandLord or Laophraig Whiskey.”

“Favorite dessert?”

“Homemade apple pie and cream”

“Favorite color?”

The Loving Dom shifts in his seat and stares down at his watch putting the ladies on alert. This was the first time since the interview began he had broken eye contact. Keeping his eyes aimed at his watch he answers, “Blue.”

Without a minutes rest for either Sassy, or Sexy, to answer he gets up sticks his hand out and says, “It’s been a true experience with you two girls. I hope you got all the answers you needed. I can’t stay and drink with you even though I would love it. I must get back to work.”

Sassy and Sexy both stand up taking turns shaking his hand and saying their goodbyes. As their eyes follow him out the pub doors, Sassy says to Sexy. “What the hell just happened?”

Sexy still watching the door as it shuts behind the man in the suit says, “We just met THE Loving Dom.”

Both girls giggle as they fall back into their chairs. They buy another round of drinks, deciding this is a great place for them to end their night.

the end……………

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