So I a huge fan and honestly was so excited to be able to interview Tara Sivec. Here it is, enjoy!!

Did you ever picture yourself as an author?

  OMG never!  I still don’t picture myself as an author LOL!

The more books I read of yours the more I realize what an amazing writer you are. How many books will be in the PLAYING WITH FIRE series?

  Gaaaah thank you so much!  There will be 4 total books in the series.  Next up will be Austin’s book and then finally, Cole and Olivia.  Olivia was Parker’s nurse/friend at the end of A Beautiful Lie.

So did you grow up in a military family? Or did you do a lot of research? 

Not really. My father is retired Army, my father-in-law is a retired Marine and my niece is in the Navy.  Okay, so maybe I do have a military family LOL!  I did A LOT of research, though.  I know so much about Navy SEALS that I should be an honorary SEAL! 

I have to say Brady blew Garret out of the water, this book was hot! Is Austin’s going to be just as steamy? 

I love Brady so much!  Probably because I picture Jensen Ackles as Brady and I love Jensen!  I hope Austin will be just as steamy J  Gwen and Austin are a lot alike with their snark and humor which is going to piss Gwen off, so that should create some good steam.

You went from funny romance to suspense any other genres you plan on trying your hand at historical romances maybe? 

No historical romances for me because I can’t stand reading them LOL!  But I am currently writing a New Adult book right now that I hope to release in the next month.  After that, who knows?!

I absolutely love the Chocolate series do you have any plans on expanding that series? (I swear my family could give Claire’s a bit of completion in the craziness.) 

I do, actually!  I’m hoping to release Gavin’s book later this year.  Gavin as an adult – be afraid.

Speed Round:


Celebrity crush – Jensen Ackles

Weirdest phobia – Clowns holding spiders holding ants

The best time of the day for sex – first thing in the morning

I’m totally addicted to – The TV show Veronica Mars

Marriage is – exhausting

The best compliment I’ve been given was – that I have a great ass.  It’s true, I do.

The most important lesson she’s learned about love – that it’s not always easy and it’s not a fairytale.  Which is why you should write fairytales instead LOL!

If I could pick four people to have dinner with, dead or alive, I’d choose – my mother, Vivian Leigh (Scarlet O’Hara from Gone with the Wind), Ernest Hemingway, and Jack Kerouac

Sex on the first date – no.  Don’t be a whore!  Unless that date is with Jensen Ackles, then carry on.

The illegal thing I would do if I could get away with it – break into Jensen Ackles house and sleep in his bed.  Like Goldilocks but dirtier.

The quality she most likes in a man – sense of humor

The comfort food she most craves, – chips and dip

The best gift I’ve ever been given was – “You should totally try and publish this book”

Embarrassing moments – having sex in high school with my husband and his father walking in on us. 

When do you feel sexy – When I have 4-inch stilettos on.  Even if I’m wearing them with yoga pants.

5 book boyfriends – Carter Ellis, Ethan Blackstone, Caleb (Dark Duet series), Simon Parker (Wallbanger), T.J. Callahan (On the Island)

What is your favorite drink? – Dr. Pepper or a strawberry martini

If you could be any character in fiction, who would you be?  Layla Carlysle, she gets to bang Brady!

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?  See the future

How would you describe yourself in three words?  Awesome, hilarious, humble


And of course,

I’m A______Book Whore________Heaux!

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