So I thought I would try and get an arc of a book series I see all time on Amazon, Facebook and Goodreads. I never thought I’d get pick. So when I did, I drop everything and dove in ( I had to read books 1 & 1.5  Taken and No Takebacks)!! Well, I loved them!! I was so caught up in the books, I forgot I had the last book, lol!! I was actual like man that sucks, now I have to wait!! That’s Kelli Maine’s writing for you, she will pull you in and spit you back out with a whole movie dancing in your head. I was thrilled to get to interview her and when the interview comes back with Twilight in the first answer you all know I’m dancing around! Enjoy I did!!! Thanks Kelli, definitely a HUGE fan!! I think I’ll read anything with Merrick in it, even if Joan is there!! lol Book Dame

How did you get your start as author?

 I started writing in 2007 after reading Twilight – yes, really. I wrote a bunch of books over the years and my journey as mostly been in the young adult genre until last year when I wrote and self-published Taken.


What is your biggest achievement as an author? 

Getting the courage to take my dream my the reigns and self-publish Taken, then having it hit #1 on Barnes and Noble and the USA Today list. Then the blessings just kept coming with Grand Central Forever publishing it, seeing it for the first time in paperback in the bookstore, working with a producer on the screenplay. Publishing Taken has opened the door for me to live my life as a full-time author.


So is there A Turtle Tear or place you modeled the resort after?

 The hotel was based on Mayaland Hotel at Chichen Itza in the Mexican Yucatan. I’ve been there twice and absolutely love the charm of the old hacienda-style hotel.

Where did the legend of Archibald Weston and Ingrid Burkhart come from?

My head. J Someday, when I’m finished with Rachael and Merrick’s story, and MJ and Maddie’s story and Beck and Joan’s story (Yes, I plan on giving Beck and Joan a book and you will love her when it’s finished!), I’ll get the courage to figure out how to write a historical romance about Archibald and Ingrid, the Romeo and Juliette of the Civil War.

How hard was it to shift POV’s and why did you decide to switch the story’s point of view? And how many more books or novella are you planning?


It was crazy hard to switch the story into MJ and Maddie’s POV. Where No Take Backs left off, MJ and Rachael just met. He doesn’t know Merrick. He doesn’t know about Turtle Tear. He’s taking over the story blind to anything that has happened in the first book and novella.  I tried writing it in Rachael’s POV, but Taken By Storm isn’t her story. It had to be told by MJ. In the end, I love how it turned out. It’s everything I hoped it would be.


As far as continuation of the series, after Taken By Storm, TAKE ME BACK, the next novella, comes out June 4th. Given will be after that, followed by an untitled novella. That should round out Rachael and Merrick’s story, but I have more planned for MJ and Maddie, and Beck and Joan. Maybe even a little something with Shannon and Riley (and Jesse? Hmm…).

A lot of New Authors are pretty close and seem to have a strong bond with each other, is this due to social medial? Or is this just how women run an industry (being friendly & supportive)?

 Personally, I met Michelle Valentine and Emily Snow years ago on Absolute Write. They started writing in the young adult genre as well. We’ve blogged together and talked daily for probably five years now. I think indie authors are close because they seek each other out online for support and advice. Without a publishing house behind them, they’re each other’s backbone and resource. But, to answer your question about women in the industry, yes—it’s easy to talk about writing and publishing and husbands and kids and make new friends, not just with authors on social media, but with readers and bloggers too. There’s an instant connection—a love of books!


Is there any way Joan can find a new job? Kidding well, kind of….

 I’m telling you—I’m going to make you love her before it’s over! (I love a good challenge.)


Speed Round:


Celebrity crush           

This week, Ryan Reynolds

Weirdest phobia        

 revolving doors

The best time of the day for sex       


I’m totally addicted to            


Marriage is                     


The best compliment I’ve been given was                                 

 I love your book!

The most important lesson she’s learned about love       

 It’s got low points and high points – you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have…sing along… The Facts of Life…The Facts of Life…

If I could pick four people to have dinner with, dead or alive, I’d choose            

 Erich von Däniken, Zak Bagans, Dan Brown, Anne Rice – we’d talk about aliens, ghosts, vampires and conspiracy theories all night!

 Sex on the first date,

 Is it with Ryan Reynolds?

The illegal thing I would do if I could get away with it

 Not pay taxes.

The quality she most likes in a man,

 Humor. Funny is sexy.

The comfort food she most craves,


The best gift I’ve ever been given was,

 Nothing’s popping out at me here…I should probably say my kids, a gift from God, right? Even if it feels like they came from the fiery depths a lot of times…

Embarrassing moments

 So, so many. There was the time in high school where I tripped up the stairs and my face ended up in some guy’s crotch. That was embarrassing.

When do you feel sexy

 When my husband tells me I am.

 5 book boyfriends

 (This could get me in trouble – there’s too many amazing authors’ book boyfriends to list, so I’m sticking with my own!)

Merrick Rocha

MJ Rocha

Beck Tanner

Alistair Ingram

Chris Buckridge (Leap Of Faith by Jamie Blair – that’s me – Sept. 3)

What is your favorite drink?

 Diet Coke

If you could be any character in fiction, who would you be?

 Jane Eyre 

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

 I want to say flight, but I’m afraid of heights. I wouldn’t want super hearing because I don’t care what people say about me. X-ray vision would just make going to Wal-Mart even more painful.  How about the power to inflict pain (nothing major—like headaches) from far away by thinking of the person.

 Shit. I’m a super villain, aren’t I? There’s a reason I always get sorted into Slytherin in those online Harry Potter house sorting things.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

 Stubborn, persistent, motivated

 And of course,

I’m A__chocolate____________Heaux!

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