This was a fun interview for me, I love that Laura and Christopher are not only happily married but work together too and they also seem to be having a blast doing it!! I have to say I smiled a lot reading this and giggled too!! Thank you so much Laura and Christopher!

1. How do you get your start as Authors? 

When we were first married I would write long (erotic) stories for Chris.  He traveled a great deal with his job and I needed to make sure that he was fully occupied.  The stories grew, and grew, and grew until they were nearly books.  He had the idea to turn them into novellas and possibly publish them, it worked!

2. How do the two of you work, is it a lot of back and forth or does one write and the other add to it?

It is a LOT of back and forth.  If I’m not in a particularly sexy mood, and don’t laugh, I will simply write “sex scene here” and pass it on to Chris.  Believe it or not, for a man he has incredibly sensitive ways of describing erotic scenes.  It’s fairly typical for us to get “stuck” on our writings and end up meeting on the living room couch.  We fix a cocktail, sit down and hammer the story out until we are both happy with it.

3. In Boneyard Beach you paint a beautiful picture in your writing of a sweet little old town that is full of Southern Charm, was that model after a certain city? 

Yes, Isle of Palms, SC.  I grew up on Sullivan’s Island, SC which is a neighboring island.  Most of my stories include the Charleston area in some fashion.

4. In Semper Fi I would say Logan fell in love at first sight with Mattie, (I can’t wait to get more from this story) Do you think Mattie did too?  I fell at his texts and the pick me! Swoon!!

 I think she did.  Mattie is a humorous young woman and whether Logan realizes it or not he has a strong sarcastic streak.  They have that in common.  I think Mattie is confused; Travis was her entire world when it came to men and he turned out to be a jerk.  In her time of weakness, Logan popped up and took control.  Regardless of their personal issues I tried to show the undeniable chemical attraction between the two.  They were meant to be together.  The qualities that Logan lacks are Mattie’s strong suits and vice versa, they complete one another.

5. What books are in the works for the two of you? 

Kelly and Jose are going to show up in the very near future.  Jose’s story is extremely tragic but Kelly is at his side until the end…but so is his brother Graham.  Of course Shades of Shame will debut shortly as well, it’s the back ground story of David McNarry, Elise McNarry and Patricia Johnson.  What really happened to Elise to make her “check out” of reality?  Is David as horrible as Logan believes?  Why is Patricia Johnson still hanging around the McNarry family causing trouble? In another book, which I will begin soon, Kelly’s youngest sister falls in love with a Hell’s Angel member.

Ladies First so this part is just for Laura.

Celebrity crush  That’s easy peasy, Matthew McConoughey.

Weirdest phobia  I hate houses with those open walkways on the second floor.  You know the ones that make it seem like you are on a gang plank?  I guess this is more of a fear of heights but those things freak me out!  Maybe I was a pirate in another life?

The best time of the day for sex  Morning, noon or night time is good too.

I’m totally addicted to  Pinterest, Houzz and Wanelo.  Oh and Facebook!

Marriage is  Fantastic.  I’m married to my best friend, lover, and co-worker what more could I ask for?

The best compliment I’ve been given was  You haven’t aged a bit!  Of course the person who said that was a notorious liar but for the moment I chose to believe them!

The most important lesson she’s learned about love  That life CAN be a romantic fairy tale if you find the right partner!

If I could pick four people to have dinner with, dead or alive, I’d choose  My Dad, Jesus, Chris and my dog Bridget.

Sex on the first date  Absolutely!

The illegal thing I would do if I could get away with it  Walk all my dogs on the beach on Sullivan’s Island.

The quality she most likes in a man  Humor.

The comfort food she most craves Shrimp

The best gift I’ve ever been given was,  My children.  We have a 20 year old daughter who we are sure set the sun itself and a son who is almost 18 and on his way to surpassing greatness!

Embarrassing moments  My father in law once tried his hand at writing erotica…he asked us to proof it for him.

When do you feel sexy  24/7

5 book boyfriends  Logan (SEMPER FI) of course but I also adore Jonathon Galloway from The TRAMP STAMP CLUB, there’s something about those sexy southern men that drives me insane!  That’s why I had to marry one!  I love almost every character in Pat Conroy’s books but his character Leo in SOUTH OF BROAD was interesting.  I’m definitely Team Edward, and lastly I had a huge crush on Mike in WATCHED.  He is the heartbroken and lost contractor who finds himself enjoying a seriously troubled Dominatrix.

What is your favorite drink?  Southern Comfort and diet coke!

How would you describe yourself in three words?  Humorous, loyal and friendly.

 And of course,

I’m A_Traveling_Heaux!  Although your example list fully suits me as well.  Chris and I love to take mini trips as well as trips to NYC and other places!


(Example, shoes, books, purses, shopping etc)



Okay, Christopher turn


Speed Round

Celebrity crush.

Hmmm, probably Demi Moore.

Weirdest phobia.

Probably heights, but I’m not too fond of elevators, or ovens, or toilet paper that’s put on the roll backwards (We all know it should roll OVER the top).  OH YEAH, socks that don’t match (HATE that)…

The best time of the day for sex.

ANYTIME.  Is that a time?

I’m totally addicted to…

Laura, and everything she does.  My ears perk up each morning when I hear her padding down the hall barefooted and I look up from the media room and see her pouring her first cup of coffee.

Marriage is:

Easier when she tells me EXACTLY what to do.

The best compliment I’ve been given was:

That my kids were so polite and a joy to be around.  However, that person certainly wasn’t here at my home listening to those same two kids tell us how they hate us and we don’t do enough for them.

The most important lesson she’s learned about love.

That there are two kinds of love, physical and emotional.  And with the right person, and I believe there is only one person for each of us, you can have both.

If I could pick four people to have dinner with, dead or alive, I’d choose:

Matt Damon, My Great Grandfather, Mitt Romney, and of course, the Godfather Vito Corleone.

Sex on the first date.

Of course, I’m a man.

The illegal thing I would do if I could get away with it:

I’d like to help a couple of people down a staircase… hehehe

The quality you most like in a woman.

Confidence. Every woman possesses the most incredible body part of all, their mind.  It’s only when they feel confident enough to share their inner most thoughts without fear that you really find out who they really are.  Incredibly sexy!

The comfort food you most crave.

Fried chicken, or maybe those tiny little cucumber sandwiches, or sammiches as we say here, that Laura makes.

The best gift I’ve ever been given was…

I once spent a weekend transporting 30 rescued dogs to New Jersey/New York with my dad.  One hour into the trip, the RV broke down, we had to rent a van, I think I actually slept on the pavement in the parking lot of an animal shelter in New Jersey.  However, seeing my 70 year old father cleaning crates, walking dogs, feeding and loving on them, and then meeting some of the most incredible people made every problem seem so small and inconsequential, especially when he voiced his approval and told me he was proud of me!

Embarrassing moments.

We went out for drinks with some friends of ours, who are swingers, and as we sat there in a bar I watched a woman begin to undress.  She got down to her panties and was kind enough to bend over the edge of a pool table to allow us a close up view of her Tramp Stamp.  When we turned around, I noticed the guy she had been standing with was a former next door neighbor.

When do you feel sexy?

Not very often.  However, a hat, sunglasses, a naked Laura in the hot tub with a cup filled with ice and that Cake Vodka from Pinnacle sure goes a long way to improving my confidence.

What is your favorite drink?

Southern Comfort and Coke.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Loyal, considerate, impatient.


Thank you both for doing this!!

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