Book one of the Savannah Trilogy.

Savannah has been dating her boyfriend Logan for four years. She thought he was the man she was going to marry, spend the rest of her life with and one day build a family with. The life she imagined for Logan and her all changes in a matter of seconds. Her entire life came crashing down all around her after she catches Logan in bed with another woman.

Savannah decides to leave Los Angeles and stay at her family’s beach house in Galveston, Texas. She never imagined a man she only met once before, would come back into her life and be the one to mend her broken heart. Kayden blows into her life faster than a tornado in Spring. After a wild weekend together, both of their lives will be changed forever.

Book Dame’s Rating 4 Stars

Let’s start with, hello Kayden, and where have you been hiding? So this was a fun read for me, light hearted fun with unique touches throughout the story. I was afraid this would be the same old girl gets surprise of her life, and handsome stranger mends her broken heart. Yes, Savannah does end up with a broken heart but I never felt like this wasn’t its own story. I was surprised how quick I got caught up in the story and characters. I enjoyed reading and getting to know Savannah and Kayden!! Their heat factor is pretty high and I am happy to say Savannah was very likable! I can’t say that for Logan, he rubbed me the wrong way from the very start. Kayden on the other hand can rub me anytime! Yes, he just has that hot bad boy thing going on but you know underneath he is sweet as can be. My only complaint is it felt short and ended in a cliffhanger!! Luckily the wait is short, and book 2 is due out this Friday, May 24!! I can’t wait this is a great series, hurry and get started! You don’t want to miss out on getting to know Kayden!

Excerpt from Danielle Jamie’s Inescapable Desire 

Leading him down the trail behind my house, to my favorite spot here…the pond.

I lay down on the cool grass with Kayden beside me. This is one of the most peaceful places on earth. We laid there for a long time, just listening to the crickets and frogs; watching the sun set over the mountains, casting an array of pinks and reds over the water.

Finally I roll over onto my side, resting my chin on Kayden’s well defined chest. “You know this is where I had my first kiss? With Gunner Andrews, we were both twelve, and had braces…oh my gosh it was horrible.” I burst into a fit of laughter as I think back.

Rising up onto his elbows, Kayden flashes me a devilish grin. “Well I won’t lie; knowing it was disastrous is great to hear.”

Smacking him on the arm I yell at him, “Hey now! Don’t go gloating because my first kiss was an absolute fail!” I’m trying so hard to keep a straight face, but can’t fight the smile spreading across my face.

“Well, I will gloat, because it gives me the opportunity to give you Savannah Elizabeth Livingston…the best kiss you will ever have at this here spot.”

“Hmm, I guess I do like the sound of that, the best kiss…by the last man I’ll ever kiss.”

Running his strong finger’s through my hair, cupping the back of my neck with his hand. Kayden pulls my face to his; giving me the most delicious kiss he’s ever given me…if that’s even possible