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I am so excited to read Shades of Shames, which is the prequel to Semper Fi. I loved Semper Fi, where we meet Logan and Mattie. I loved that book and have been waiting to find out everything that happened to Logan, Leila and their moms. And of course I’m dying to uncover Logan dad, Senator David McNarry’s secrets!! Oh, and it looks well worth the wait!!


To the average eye this Washington D.C. power couple seems to have it all:  power, money, status.  What they really have is a firm grip on the image they portray.  However, like most couples in this social circle, they live very different lives behind closed doors.
David and Elise McNarry are a seasoned, political couple, and they understand the importance of appearance.  They also understand that their relationship is based on love, not sex.  And while they’re still both madly in love with one another, they have grown apart over the years.
Leila Johnson, Patricia daughter is now working as an intern for the Senator.  Will he prey on her as well?  Or will her cold, calculating determination prey on the Senator?  It all seems pretty straightforward until she reconnects with Logan, and its more than sparks that begin to fly.  Her falling for his romantic ways breeds nothing but confusion as she fights to understand the new emotion she’s uncovered.
He was strikingly handsome when he laughed Leila noted, and she hadn’t been able to take her eyes off him since he’d walked in.  Even her skin prickled as she memorized his every feature.  “So Logan, what have you been up to for the last oh… what is it?  Ten years?”  She leaned forward and stabbed her fork in the remains of her desert plate.
“Mmm…” Logan murmured as swallowed.  Gracie’s steak was the best, but that thought disappeard as he studied Leila.  She was taller, of course, and her nearly white blonde hair hadn’t diminished as she’d matured.  Logan had remembered her as somewhat of a bitch.  He recalled her babysitting for him, even though she was only two years older than him, and he resented that at the time.  All those times playing at her townhouse while their Mom’s were upstairs… doing ‘lady stuff.’  That’s what they called it, ‘lady stuff.’  Logan had imagined them trying on shades of lipstick and leafing through Cosmopolitan magazine.  His mother had told him that her ‘lady time’ was what kept her sane.  It’d been the only reason he tolerated Patricia Johnson’s stuck up daughter.  Now that “stuck up” little blonde girl was a raving beauty… and he caught himself being mesmerized by her cleavage.

“I’m up here, Logan!” Leila laughed at his blatant stare.

Logan shook his head as if to knock away cobwebs, “Whoa, uh… sorry Leila… you’ve um… grown up a bit!”

Leila couldn’t help it; she giggled.  Leila never giggled, in fact she wasn’t aware of a single time in her life when she’d ever giggled.  There was something in his sparkling green eyes that enlightened her.  Something that made her forget, even temporarily, who she was.  “I asked what you’ve been up to for the past ten years!”

“Oh right!  Well let’s see, since the day you knocked my teeth out I’ve been overly paranoid and have decided to become a psychiatrist.  In fact, I’m my own first patient!  I’ve diagnosed myself as completely whacko, and I’m prescribing a healthy dose of Southern Comfort and Coke.  Would you like to join me in the back garden and we can discuss how you’d like to pay for my past dental and psychological care?”

Leila almost choked with laughter, “That was an accident, and you know it!”

But Logan shook his head playfully, “No ma’am.  I think you intentionally pushed that door open at the most inopportune time!”

“You were spying on me and Bobby Whetzel!” Leila protested with a giggle.

“So you admit to denying a sad nine year old a little free porn?” Logan pretended offense.

Leila leaned over the white tablecloth, her heavy breasts peering dangerously above the V neck of her black shirt, “Listen here you little pervert, if you tell…” she said, pointing her finger at him.  She’d had that cute Bobby Whetzel in her bedroom one afternoon after school.  Elise McNarry and her mother were upstairs locked in the master bedroom, and she was supposed to be keeping an eye on Logan while they were having their ‘lady time.’  But as it turned out, Logan had his eye on the keyhole in her bedroom door.  When she discovered him there, she flung the door open as hard as she could.  Logan’s front tooth was an instant casualty.  He’d had to wear the rubber ‘night guard’ to sleep every night for a year so that his teeth didn’t get crooked.  Logan had hated her ever since.

Leila didn’t know if she’d ever had so much fun with a man, laughing and remembering old times brought forth something inside her, a sweet feeling that she didn’t recognize.  She couldn’t have had the smile on her face surgically removed.  Logan’s carefree and engaging personality was working some kind of strange magic on her. Elise was right, these McNarry men were dangerous as all hell!

Logan laughed, covering his eyes and teeth with his massive hands, “Oh no, babysitter Leila!  Please don’t hurt me again!” he feigned fear.

“I tell you what you rotten little boy, I will join you in the garden for that drink.  You want to go get your mouth guard, just in case?”  Leila dished out a low blow.

He stood up from the table and walked around to her, indicating that he was guiding her from her chair.  Leila briefly wondered where he’d learned such manners.  That was a southern trait, helping a woman from her chair, and it’d been long forgotten in the North altogether.  She stood in response to the heat from his large body behind her.  He smelled manly, if that was possible, as though he’d tackled the wind itself all day.  There was a sense of mystery involved with Logan McNarry; Leila made a silent vow to herself to discover him.  “C’mon, I’ll fix the drinks,” Logan said.

Tiny lights sparkled throughout the McNarry’s private garden; Leila imagined they were surrounded by fairies.  It would have been the perfect locale for flirting Tinkerbells to play, but Leila began to suspect it was the Southern Comfort talking.  “Logan, I think I’d better get back home before I earn a hangover,” she announced with a chuckle.

They’d talked for several hours as the day had faded into the Virginia horizon, and Leila was nothing like he remembered.  She possessed every single quality that Logan was drawn to in a woman.  Her internship in his father’s office was the only speck of her life that didn’t interest him; as a matter of fact it rather disturbed him.  He had no idea why his throat tightened thinking of her in his father’s office daily, but it did.  Certainly his father’s roving eyes wouldn’t land on Leila; after all she was practically related.  An irritating older sister of sorts… one that now aroused him like no other woman he’d met.  “Okay, let me go tell your Mom that I’m going to drive you home.  Do you mind if we stop off at the Marina?  I want to double check something on the boat?”

Leila shook her head dizzily, “Sure, that’s fine.”

She watched him climb the back steps into the kitchen of the mansion like brick home.  As a child she’d spent countless hours in this house.  She even learned how to walk on the rug in the foyer while her mother masterminded Senator McNarry’s campaigns.  Leila didn’t remember her own father; it was something that plagued her entire life.  Being a princess was hard when you didn’t have a father.  Most little girls had their Daddy’s, but Leila’s Prince Charming had to be invisible when she dreamed of him.  Senator McNarry could have put forth an effort to be a surrogate father to Leila, but he never had.  It didn’t matter; as soon as her breasts began to develop her mother had sent her to boarding school.  That is where she’d grown up, under the tutelage of New England spinsters who beat the ‘princess’ out of her.

“Alright.  Are you ready to go?” Logan stepped beside her, pulling her from deep thought.

Leila nodded and stood to take his outstretched hand, “Thank you, Logan.”

“For what?” his voice was deep and sexy, enticing her as they walked towards his car.

“For reminding me what it’s like to laugh,” she said, snuggling against his arm.

He tucked her into the golden leather seat of his Mercedes and closed the door carefully.  The little closeness she’d exhibited had made him grow hard, and her perfume now swirled around his head.  He couldn’t place the scent he thought, it was lavender, mixed with pumpkin?  It was sophisticated, yet drove him wild with the urge to slide inside her and soak up her warmth and sweetness.  He settled into the driver’s seat and pointed the car towards the Marina.

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