Zoey Stranford might’ve had a crush on the sexy boy next door since middle school, but she’s a woman now, and that crush has turned into a full blown case of lust. So why is it that at twenty nine, her libido decides to ramp into high gear and the only thing she can focus on is the intensely sexy, scorching hot boy next door who is definitely not a boy anymore?

The only problem is that Zoey and Kaleb have been best friends for as long as she can remember. Not to mention, Kaleb and his brothers are working on buying Stranford land to build a new resort, and she’s more than a little hesitant about his intentions.

Kaleb Walker has had his eye on Zoey for close to twenty years, but never before has he considered taking their friendship to the next level, no matter how many fantasies he’s had about her over the years. That doesn’t explain why Kaleb is hell bent on having her – in as many ways as possible.

Kaleb finds himself in a precarious situation. His brothers have nominated him to pursue Zoey’s father about purchasing the land needed to get their new resort off the ground. Finding out that Carl Stranford is on the brink of foreclosure and Zoey might just lose her house and the land, Kaleb now has to convince her to put aside her pride and let him help her.

It doesn’t take long before the flames start burning bright and hot, and the two of them burn up the nights and the days as they explore each other’s forbidden fantasies. But can their friendship survive a business transaction or the new friends with benefits clause? Or will they realize that they’ve been overlooking something much deeper that’s been right in front of them all along?

Warning: This book contains sexual encounters and graphic language that some readers may find objectionable, including, but not limited to m/f/m encounters, anal sex, exhibitionism, and voyeurism. Consider yourself warned! Contains graphic material that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Erotic Romance
Mature Audience

Book Dame’s Rating 4.5 Stars

So I’ve heard about how hot Nicole Edwards’ books are. I’ve read Temptation and that one is blazing hot!!  Then another book stole my attention away and I never got back to her series. Well, boy have I been missing out.

When Nicole Edwards decided to donated part of her sales to the Keith Milano Memorial Page Fund which benefits the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I picked up Kaleb. I was so excited to finally get to start it and I couldn’t put it down! It was hot but not full on BDSM, but hot!! Did I mention that it was Hot!! It does have m/f/m in it, I’m not one that is bother by it and this one has no m/m but some of you may be concerned. I was fanning my self and going out side were no one could see me blush or look over my shoulder!!

Kaleb Walker is a hot Texan with 7 brothers and the alpha male chromosome! He and Zoey Stranford are both from a small town and have a friendship that they both hide their attraction behind. Zoey is truly the girl next door the one we all know and love. A divorced women running her own business and helping her father. Zoey is the girl who wears comfortable clothing and enjoys her small town. I love that Nicole Edwards was able to intertwine the brothers into the story without any of them stealing away the show. She peaked my interest enough that of course I want to know them all. But happy Kaleb and Zoey got their own full story. Maybe that is easily say since Zane is out!! Can’t wait to fit it in my reading list!! Run out and pick up Kaleb and Zane’s book not only are you getting great books, that are Blazing Hot but your also benefiting American Foundation for Suicide Prevention!!

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