Hi Luke! Thank you so much for sitting down with us for this interview! 🙂 You’re such a nice guy.. I wish you had a brother! lol!

I wish I had a brother, too, but I’m sure we can find someone for you 

1. Is it ok if we touch on the past a little bit? When did you figure out something was going on with Emmy and Kyle? 

I guess I first suspected it one day while having lunch with Em at her desk. Em had just finished confessing that she had a fling with a guy who had a girlfriend already. Kyle walked by and he didn’t look happy about seeing us together, and Em acted a little weird when she saw him. I suspected that maybe he was “The Fling,” but I didn’t think it mattered at the time. I trusted her when she said it was just a fling, but their relationship became blatantly obvious when Em went from talking about Kyle like he was the antichrist to hanging out with him and going on business trips when she wasn’t really needed. I know it makes me look foolish to have held on to her even after I began to discover their affair, but I really loved her and I had loved her for a long time and I knew that this wasn’t typical behavior for her. I wanted to give her an opportunity to redeem herself. Only she didn’t, and I was forced to make a painful decision.

2.What made you decide to ask Emmy and Lucas to move in with you? Even after she kept her pregnancy a secret!

At the time, it wasn’t about Emmy. It was about my son. I missed watching him grow inside of his mother. I missed his birth. I missed his first smile and his first tooth. I missed a lot and I didn’t want to miss anymore. I didn’t want him split between two homes, especially at such a young age. I wanted the full experience of being a dad. What she did was terrible, but I didn’t want to punish Lucas for his mother’s deeds.

3. I admire your ability to forgive! When did you decide to forgive and forget? And when did you realize that you still love Emmy?

I started to forgive Emmy when I really opened my eyes and saw that she was really struggling with herself. She felt really bad and she was willing to accept whatever verbal abuse I consistently threw at her for it, but I knew I had to stop. I didn’t want Lucas to talk to his mother that way, and she had punished herself harsher than I could have ever punished her. My sister had said my home was like a tomb. I didn’t want to raise my son in a home like that. I had to fix it the best I could. 

I realized I still loved Emmy pretty early on, soon after I saw how she was with Lucas. She is an incredible mother, and I got to see how much she had grown as a person. I was still bitter, though, so I wasn’t ready to extend my feelings for her for a long time. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to be ready, but once we really started talking again, I had to fight really hard not to tell her. 

4. How were you able to speak to Kyle (When he bought the bar) without flipping out?

Did someone say I didn’t flip out? I’m a patient man, but that dick beat my wife while she was pregnant with my son. I wish I could tell you I handled it well, but I didn’t…Emmy just lead you to believe I did…

Ok, let’s get to the future:

How are Emmy and those two babies?

They’re great. Kaykay and Lucas are beautiful, healthy kids, and like I said before, Em is an incredible mom and one hell of a wife. Even when the kids drive her nuts and she manages to miss a shower or two from time to time, she’s still the hottest mom and wife I know. 

Will there be anymore kids in the future?

Emmy said she would rather get run over by a truck than to give birth again, but I think I can “talk” her into it 😉

What is the hardest part about being married?

My mother-in-law…


Luke Thank you so very much for doing this interview! We hope to hear more about you and Emmy in the future!