SassySub Heaux’s Book Rating: 5 StarsSummary from the author:

It was business only… Chelsea Barton is terrible at the whole submission thing, and she wants to snare the Dom of her dreams. She seeks out the renowned trainer Master Alexander. Alex has his hands full with Chelsea, especially when he realises he doesn’t want to turn her over to another man… Damn, damn, and double damn. This was so not supposed to happen. Chelsea Barton always gets what she wants, and she wants the up and coming rocker Evan C to accept her as his sub. But her performance always disappoints him. Determined to have her way, she begs Master Alexander Monahan to train her. Alex has given up training submissives, and no matter what, he would not work with someone as bold, headstrong, and stubborn as Chelsea. But there’s something about her that intrigues and impresses him, an enthusiasm that is missing from his too-dull life. Under very strict guidelines he agrees. She has to try her best. She has to submit uncomplainingly to his punishments. And there’s a two week obligation, after which they will part ways. Being a trainer is a very different relationship than a D/s, and despite his intentions to remain aloof, he starts to care deeply for the headstrong Chelsea. Chelsea unhesitatingly agrees to Master Alexander’s rules, after all, he’s going to give her the skills she needs to get what she wants. But, damn it, the longer she trains with him, the more she is attracted to his rugged good look as well as to his firm, but relentless ways. She reminds herself of her goals, but that becomes more difficult every day. For Alex, falling for a sub who will belong to another man was never part of the deal.

I am going to declare my love for Sierra Cartwright right here and now. This author doesn’t know how to write a bad book! This is the second book in the Mastered Series and I have to say I love this book just as much as I did the first. Ms. Cartwright can write a Master like it’s nobody’s business. Master Alexander is yet another one of her hot, sexy, steamy creations. I’m not sure how she does it. Master Alexander had my panties igniting right around page 16 when he told Chelsea to spread her legs, lift her skirt and grab her ankles. I was quietly thinking “Yes Sir!” in my head.  I loved how firm, serious and patient he was. I also really love the female characters that Ms. Cartwright creates. They are always strong and independent women who know exactly what they want and go for it. Chelsea’s character did not disappoint. There is never any kind of silly misunderstandings, between the main characters, in her story lines which to be honest are usually there to make a book longer than it needs to be. As usual Ms. Cartwright wrote the book so it would be understandable to even a complete BDSM novice. I think what I liked most about this book, besides the incredibly hot sex scenes, was watching Chelsea struggle with actually being totally submissive. It was a real struggle for her once she came to realize that to be truly submissive she would have to give up all of her control while she was with Master Alexander. This book was definitely a lesson in what true submission really is all about and it was fascinating to me. Of course the sex scenes did not disappoint. Oh how I loved Master Alexander’s dirty mouth. Since each book in this series is about a particular Master the story always comes to a nice ending with no cliffhangers. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate that. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading BDSM novels. I’m very much looking forward to the third book in the series, which should be out very shortly.   

Favorite Quote from the book: 
You really are beautiful in your submission, Chelsea. There’s something alluring about a woman who knows her power and isn’t afraid of it. And when she surrenders it, it’s magnificent.