So, after we interviewed Luke from Accidentally on Purpose we JUST KNEW we had to speak to Emmy… I mean… How could we not speak to her? We had questions that needed to be answered.
Emmy gave us a run for our money….. I’m scared of that woman! LOL!
Hi Emmy,
Us girls over at Confessions of a book Heaux were very anxious to speak to you after reading your story… It really was one hell of a story!! So here goes!
1. Did you ever suspect that Kyle had a thing for you?

Oh my god, no! He was such a dick to me! So many times I thought about quitting – I technically didn’t need the money, but being a trust fund baby in my family isn’t all about sitting back and getting paid. If I was single without children, I had to work. I liked my work even if I didn’t like that douche puddle. See? He was a douche puddle! Why would I think that he had a thing for me?!

2. We felt like you held back on crucial details.. IE Kyle having a girlfriend, him being a drug addict and what really happened on New Years for long periods of time…. Why was that?

Taking someone else’s man isn’t my most shining moment…Would you have mentioned it right away?? As for the drug addiction, I didn’t want anyone to think any less of Kyle – or me for staying with him. I still had hopes of us working out and I didn’t want anyone to give me another reason not to wait or not to be with him at all. Even though the drugs were often the subject of arguments, when we weren’t arguing about it, I wanted to pretend it wasn’t a problem. I was really good at pretending…

Talking about what happened on New Years was very difficult. I was deeply damaged by that incident, and even though it wasn’t my fault, I felt ashamed – especially since I still loved Kyle afterward. I know people hate Kyle for what he did, but in a way I feel almost as responsible as he is.

3. Do you think that if Kyle would’ve left Jessica for you that you two could have had a good relationship? If yes, would you have let him raise Lucas as his own? Never telling Luke?

I would like to give an affirmative yes or no, but I honestly don’t know. Our relationship was passionate but volatile. That’s not always a good combination. When Kyle loves, he possesses. After all of the cheating on both sides, he would have always been worried about what I was doing – case in point the trip to Miami. Okay, so he had a point…but before I even thought about trying to ride Leo, Kyle had assumed I wanted Leo, and that wasn’t the case at all. I suppose I would have always been worried, too. On the other hand, I loved him and was obsessed enough to try. Maybe our relationship would have been magical. I try not to think about it too much now…I think I would have eventually seriously hated myself if I didn’t tell Luke about his son. He deserved so much more than what I gave him.

4. Why was that final dinner necessary? We couldn’t understand why you would do that to Luke…

I didn’t “do” anything to Luke. I went to Kyle’s to return the bracelet in the hopes that we would have been able to part on better terms. I will always care about him, and it was important to me that he was going to move on, and I had hoped that he felt the same. Call it closure, call it whatever you want, but for me that was the best way to move forward with Luke.

5. What made you choose Luke? Was it because Kyle showed that he couldn’t get his life together?

Look, I could have chosen to be alone. I could have chosen to find someone else entirely that was never a part of my past. I didn’t have to choose Luke – I WANTED to choose Luke. My decision to be with Luke had nothing to do with Kyle. When I saw Kyle on my visit to Jersey, his life WAS together. If I wanted to have a life with him, I could have. In fact, if I wanted Kyle, I wouldn’t have had to wait until my bar burned down. I could have gone back to him at any time. I chose Luke because he’s loving, compassionate, funny, smart, sexy and the best father and family man I have ever known. I chose Luke because I know without a doubt that he can make me feel giddy, tingly, and happy for a very long time, and I think I can do the same for him.

6. Do you still love Kyle?

Of course I do, except now it’s not an explosive, obsessive, insane kind of love. I wish the best for him and I hope he’s happy.

Ok…..enough with the badgering… Lets get to the future
7. How is Luke? How are the kids? Any plans for another baby?

Luke is freakin’ phenomenal. Sexiest husband and dad EVER! The kids are great. Lucas is a handful and I sometimes wonder how the hell I get through each day without tying him to something. Kaitlyn is adorable and has Luke wrapped around her little finger. I love my kids, but I don’t want anymore. I’m worried I’ll become my mother. What if all of her kids made her nutty? I can’t be my mother.

8. Do you still work at the law firm?

Not really. Every now and then I will go in and help out if they’re overwhelmed, but when Luke brings his work home, I jump right in. However, if my mom is in town, I find that I am suddenly very much needed in the firm.

9. How is your relationship with your mom and the rest of your family? Donya, Mason and Tabitha?

My mom is still…my mom…She’s a little better than before, but not much…Still considering a good vat of gelatin just in case… I’m still best friends with Donya, but she Mayson and Tabitha are also very close now. It’s okay. I’m glad they have each other, and I’m glad me and Tabby are friends again. She had every right to be mad at me for so many years. I was so clueless until she set me straight on a few things…Oh, I’m sorry…did I stir up your curiosity? You know me…I’ll tell you later…

Oh, so you’re teasing us with information now? Good one!
10. Are you happy?

Yes. I have no regrets about my choice to be here in Chicago with Luke. We have our disagreements and arguments like anyone else, but that’s normal. I am extremely grateful for the life that we have made together with our kids.

11. Will we be hearing more about you and Luke in the future??


Emmy, Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview. Your story is one of the best we have ever read! We wish you and your family the best… And we hope we didn’t traumatize you 🙂

I hope my story was a lesson to some people considering the same bad decisions I made. This has been the most traumatic experience of my day so far, but it’s still early 😉