It was a fresh start, and as a recent graduate from the Charleston School of Law, it was a way to pad her resume with a high powered New York Law firm. But most of all, it was away from him.
The last thing she needed was another relationship, especially since her devastating break up with her master, Benton Frazier. Burned one too many times, this submissive was ready to put her past behind her. She just never figured on Carlton.

Liz could have easily taken a local job offer in Charleston. However, since her brother waited for her to graduate, it was now his time to pursue his fashion career in New York City. Now that her parents were gone, Palmer was all she had. Everything seemed to be falling into place until she met him. Now, all she can think about is Carlton.

Carlton was dreamy. Handsome, rugged, and well dressed. Deep brown eyes the color of chocolate, and the silken voice with a hint of an English accent that simply drove her crazy. But she soon finds out that Carlton is much more than he appeared to be.

Although not her first choice, New York did offer her a way to pad her resume while her brother completed his education. Besides, getting away from her relationship with Benton Frazier was just what the doctor ordered.

Excerpt –

I bent low to pick it up when a thick hand appeared in my vision at the floor in front of me, grabbing the hair band just before my fingers touched it. “Here you go,” my mind registered the voice instantly. The smooth English accent made my skin flush. Thick, muscular hands held my hair band in front of me. I looked up suddenly, my face now level with his crotch where I couldn’t help notice the bulge there, even through the Amosu slacks that covered it.

“Thank you,” I moaned as I carefully studied the hair band in his outstretched palm. I hesitated to touch him again; the memory of the feel of his hand yesterday warned me. With the delicacy of a bird I pecked it from his hand.
“You’re welcome Liz, are you ready to start your first day?”

I frowned, how did he know it was my first day? “Yes, I am,” I flustered. “Do you work here too?”

He laughed as he towered over me, “As a matter of fact I do!” Again his mammoth size and deep, dark appearance sent shivers through my blood. There was a foreboding that came with this man, it screamed to me to stay as far away from him as possible. He no longer donned the casual attitude that he’d worn yesterday. His suit alone cost more than my entire education. It was black pin stripe, and beneath it a starched white button down complimented a red power tie. Black leather Italian made shoes that were large enough to be used as flotation devices matched the belt that accented his waist. Clearly fashion wasn’t something he ignored; Palmer would have an absolute fit to see his suit!

With my hair back into some sort of control I stood and shoved my tennis shoes into my bag. Standing in front of him I smiled politely, “Well, it’s good to see you again Carlton.” I walked away from him towards the bank of turnstiles and elevators, flashing my badge at the security guards as I passed them. The elevator doors opened and I filed inside along with twenty of my new co-workers. Carlton was the last person to climb aboard before the doors closed. His eyes searched the car and landed on mine with fire.

Book Dame’s Rating 4 Stars

Excited for this series!! Lust is just the began and boy is it set up to be a hot crazy series!! Liz, the seemingly sweet, and innocent southern bell heads to New York to support her brother. Being hurt before she is hesitate but attracted to her neighbor/boss, Carlton who is a high power lawyer. Sparks fly and the lust between them soars!! I can’t wait for the next book!! I have so any questions and I’m inching to figure it all out!! I’m fascinated by the thought of this series Seven Deadly Sins and I love the idea of it coming out weekly like a tv show!  Buckle up this is going to be a fun ride!!