Hello Leo and Evie,

Us girls over at Confessions of a Book Heaux are so excited you decided to do this quick interview….. Thank you so much!


1. Have either of you ever thought about contacting your birth parents? Or getting any kind of update on them?

Leo (glancing at Evie and taking her hand): It’s crossed both our minds and we’ve discussed it a little bit but we don’t really see a point in doing that. We’ve come to a place where we’re able to forgive them, but as far as having a relationship with them – if that were even a possibility – is not something that we desire. We’ve made peace with our pasts and that’s all the closure we need.

2. How are things going at Willow House?

Evie: Great! We have an amazing group of kids and it’s truly a second home for us – we’re there all the time! (Smiles) We’re actually considering opening another Willow House in another neighborhood, but that’s still in the discussion stage. (Smiles again).


3. You have 2 boys already, anymore kids in the future? Maybe try for the girl?

Leo (grinning at Evie): I told my wife that I’d give her as many babies as she wanted. She’s the boss on that subject (grins again). Evie (laughing): I feel complete with our two boys. Plus, this way, there’s more of us to go around with all the kids at The Willow House. Not to mention, my best friend Nicole just had a baby girl and so I get my pink fix that way (grins).


4. Have you ever considered adopting or becoming Foster Parents?

Evie: When we first got married, we did, but once we were really involved in running The Willow House, we decided it was better to try to be involved in a whole group of kids’ lives, than to adopt or foster just one. To choose one child to bring home with us… and what that might do to the other kids there…if they’d wonder why we didn’t choose them… we decided that it might be hurtful. The way it is now, allows us to do more.


5. Evie do you ever slip and call him Jake?

Evie: Sometimes, especially when he’s being really bossy (winks at Leo), but mostly, no.

6. Leo, do you go by strictly Leo now? Or is it still Jake?

Leo: The people who only knew me as Jake, still call me Jake. Other people think Leo is sort of like Evie’s nickname for me. (Smiles at Evie adoringly).

7. Leo, are you still in contact with your therapist?

Leo: Actually, yeah. I email him updates on my family and whenever I’m in San Diego, I stop by and see him. He’s always got some great words of wisdom. (Smiles)

8. Have you checked in on your adoptive “mother?”

Leo: No, I haven’t. I know the facility she’s in – but I don’t have any desire to know more than that. (Looks at Evie who takes his hand and squeezes it).

9. Is this the last we’ve seen of you two?? Could there be a Christmas sorry? Maybe a novella?

Leo (grinning): You never know. You girls will be the first to know. (Winks).


Thank you guys so much for doing this interview!!! You are one of the most loving couples we have ever read about and we are really pulling for you guys! Your story touched us and is now in our Top 5 reads of the year.