Releases July 4th, 2013


“Hot, isn’t she?” Chad asked Jake as they sat in their American flag beach foldout chairs.
Jake was startled from his daydream of licking and sucking those pert breasts he’d been eyeing for the last twenty minutes. He could only imagine what they looked like under that turquoise bikini.
“Who?” He asked his friend pretending he didn’t notice her.
Chad looked at Chris as he sat down and opened a beer and chuckled. “Rheagan. You haven’t taken your eyes off of her since she got here.”
“And, she, my friend, has glanced your way more than once or twice in the last half hour.” Chris snickered.
“Why don’t you go talk to her?” Chad asked, lifting his bottle.
Jake flushed at his being so damned obvious with his interest in the blonde haired beauty laying on her back on her towel, that succulent skin being kissed by the sun. She was laying where he could just see down the top of her bikini, the swells of her beautifully round breasts falling toward her chin a bit.
Jake moaned as he imagined lying beside her, there on the beach, running his fingers along the soft swells of her breasts. His hand moved up to cup her cheek and the look on her face told him all he needed to know. She wanted him as much as he wanted her.
“Jake.” She whispered in his mind.
“Shh.” He stopped her from saying more with the tip of his finger on her lips. The pad of his thumb softly caressed those wonderfully pouty lips. “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on, Rheagan Baumy.”
He cupped her cheek with his hand and leaned in, so close to her face she could feel his breath…his racing heart…and his arousal digging into her hip. She sighed and his lips covered hers in a gentle sweep, nipping at her bottom lip as he looked into her eyes.
“I want you, Rheagan. I want to make love to you.” He said huskily. “I need to make love to you.” His lips took hers hungrily and she moaned in acceptance. He deepened the kiss and drove his tongue inside her silky mouth as his hand drifted down to her breasts, releasing one of them from the confinement of her bikini top.
When he lifted his head to look into her eyes, she muttered, “Yes, Jake. Make love to me, please. Right now, right here.”
“Um…hello…Earth to Jake?” Chad ripped him from his fantasy that had his dick in the most uncomfortable arousal he’d ever had. Why the fuck did I have to wear these shorts? He chided himself. There was no hiding his arousal in those skin tight contraptions.
He decided to play it out and admit his interest in her. Hell, they probably already knew from the bulge he was displaying. Besides, he would hate for one of them to make a move on her just because he denied that he wanted her.
“Oh, don’t worry. I intend to.” He told them boldly, warning them off like an alpha male. All he needed was one of his buddies going after her and leaving him out in the cold to lust after her in private. No. He wants much more than that with this woman. He wanted to bury his cock deep inside her the first moment he laid eyes on her.
“Well, you’d better act fast.” Chris warned him. “Chance is headed their way now.”
Damn it! If only I hadn’t agreed to cook all these fucking burgers…
“So, tell me about Jake.” Rheagan said as she, Sera and McKenna simultaneously flipped over onto their stomachs for the second time.
Sera looked sideways at Rheagan. “Jake? Oh he is a really nice guy. You know we have been friends since college.” She told her. “I have told you lots about him, remember?”
Rheagan remembered her writing about Jake, but she’d never seen any pictures of him. If she had, she would have paid more attention.
“Yeah, but I really want to know about him now.” She reached over and smacked Sera’s shoulder. “And why the hell didn’t you send me any pictures of him?” She looked across the beach at Jake sitting with Chris and Chad laughing and carrying on. “He’s so fucking hot, Sera! You could’ve told me that!”
Sera punched her back and laughed. “I did you dipshit! You just were not interested at the time because you had Barry!”
Rheagan rolled her eyes. “Oh, please, let’s not ruin my vacation by bringing him up! He is his-to-ry and I am totally over him!” She looked back at Jake. “Besides…I think I can find something to occupy my time while I’m here.” She said with a wicked grin.
McKenna laughed at Rheagan, not bothering to open her eyes and resting her left cheek on her hands flat on her towel. “Rhea, you should go for it. I think Jake’s had his eyes on you ever since you got here.”
“Has he?” She asked mocking oblivion. “I hadn’t noticed.”

Meet the Characters Rheagan Baumy & Jake Polanski


Get to know the Author Chasity Breeze:

I, Chasity Breeze, am what most people would call outgoing and friendly. A social butterfly? Not really, but I do love to collect friends of all kinds. At the same time, I do like my privacy and a lot of it. In the normal world, people see me as a sweet, innocent and never naughty little house wife and mother. But, people who really know me know better.
I am married to the most wonderful and sexiest man alive. Brock and I have been married a few years, but we don’t like to count them. Counting just makes you feel old. We like to think we’re still somewhat close to newlyweds. Dating is one of our favorite things to share. Brock never ceases to amaze me with romantic surprises and secret interludes.
We live just West of Fort Worth in Texas, cattle country. We are excited about our future and many more wonderful, but naughty, years together. Brock and I share a love for erotic books and we have our favorite authors to thank for inspiring me to write about our own adventures. Brock is my strong foundation and keeps me going in the right direction, which is a full time job for him. With him by my side, I feel I can do anything.
I started my writing adventure in October, 2012. My writing is in its infancy and I hope to improve it with time. My love for reading has always had me dreaming of becoming a writer, so, here I am…I’ve written my first short story and working on another.
When I’m not diving deep into writing a book, I am a domestic goddess and the best mom in the world, or so I’ve been told. I love to be with my family, whether it be going on a fun-filled vacation, or just sitting at home, all of us curled on the couch watching movies. I love to be outside in the fresh air, so I sometimes grab my laptop and head somewhere outdoors to work on a book, or I just take my dog for a stroll in the park or down the main street in our small hick Texas town.
“Swingers” is intended to be a series of adventures that Brock and I share with others. However, I will be writing about fictional adventures as well. You’ll just have to guess which ones are fiction and which ones are true life stories. I do hope you enjoyed this book and will read more from me.
Remember…a good book can put a smile on your face. A great book can change your outlook on life.

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