Grace Hamilton was the girl with a plan. She knew exactly where her life was going and prided herself on always achieving her goals. It was who she was, and how she lived her life. She never stepped outside the lines, and never considered what she might desire and whom she was actually trying so hard to please. Until him…

Carson Stinger was a man who didn’t play by any rules except his own. Working in the adult entertainment industry, he didn’t care what others thought, and took each day as it came, no direction, no plan. He knew what women wanted from him and believed it was all he had to offer. Until her… 

When circumstances forced them to spend several hours together, they walked away changed. But for two people who never should have meshed, overcoming the reality of their vastly different lives wasn’t possible. At least not yet

Book Heaux Rating: 5 Stars

Another Grand Slam by Mia Sheridan! 

The main theme of this book was Transformation, and seeing how the two main characters in this book transformed was absolutely amazing!

When Grace was first introduced… She had every aspect of her life planned! She even had some very ridiculous views on her needed number of sexual partners! I kept thinking! “Jesus girl pull the stick out!”

And then she met Carson Stinger Straight Male Performer… At first he was just…. TOO MUCH! For the few chapters of the book I was laughing like a fool at all of the offensive things that slid out of his mouth without remorse. The way Grace reacted to these words made it all the more entertaining. In the early stages of the book Carson was the kind of guy you would want for a few (hundred) rolls in the sac. He said all the right things, and had the action to back them up.


As he transformed, I found myself just…. LOVING HIM! The man he transforms into over the span of the book….I… There are no words other than… If he were real, My name would be “Book Heaux-Stinger.” 

This book is has everything that any fan of a true Romance Novel would LOVE! It’s a great read! And I truly suggest you pick it up!