Luke Kessler loved Emmy.
She broke his heart.
Then she revealed a life altering secret that brought them back together. 
Time and forgiveness heal old wounds and love flourishes. Luke and Emmy find themselves reaching for a happily ever after together. When their pasts begin to push into their present and hurtful mistakes are made, the couple struggle with each other and their past demons. How much is too much? Will the couple be able to fight their way to a happily ever after? Are their lives together worth the fight?

Book Heaux Rating: 5+++ Stars

LOVED THIS BOOK! LIKE… Obsessively loved it! After reading Accidentally On Purpose I always wondered how Luke was feeling after the breakup and when he found out about the baby I wondered about that too. LITTLE DID I KNOW Mr. Kessler had all of this other stuff going on. It was angsty, juicy and jaw dropping at times. But in the end it made for a good read and great closure for those of us who simply love Emmy and Luke as a couple.

“We saved each other. We fought for each other and our lives together. We are worth the fight.”

“When you know in your bones, right down to the cellular level, that you are supposed to be with someone, it is hard to simply walk away.”

Great Job LD…
I can’t wait to find out who Donya looked at when she was at the wedding… HEHEHEHEH!

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Worth The Fight

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Worthy Of Redemption:

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Accidentally On Purpose:

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