The emotional rollercoaster of the USA TODAY bestselling Give & Take series by Kelli Maine continues with MJ and Maddie’s story!


Maddie Simcoe knows the devastation that comes from keeping secrets. Now, she’s desperate to move on from the heartbreak that almost destroyed her — trading wild passion that once made her knees weak for a life of comfortable stability. But before Maddie can start over, she must return home to put the past behind her once and for all…


When Maddie blows back into MJ Rocha’s life, nothing will stop him from proving to her that walking away from him was the biggest mistake of her life — not even the engagement ring she wears. Her every look, every touch tells MJ that the fire that once raged between them still burns hot, and MJ won’t give up until Maddie gives in to the inferno.


Trapped by a hurricane roaring through Turtle Tear Island, MJ and Maddie find shelter in each others’ arms. While the lightning flashes, MJ and Maddie are helpless to fight bonds of desire that tie them together. But just as they’re about to surrender to the torturous longing that consumes them both, the storm unleashes violent secrets from MJ’s past…secrets that could wash away all MJ and Maddie’s hopes of forever…


Book Dame’s Rating 4.5 Stars

So when I first realized this book wouldn’t be about Merrick and Rachael, I was a bit disappointed especially when we were left with that cliffhanger! I really wanted to pout and stomp my foot, as if that would chance the story!! Ms. Maine is a smart lady though because I was dying to get any glimpse of Merrick and Rachael, so of course I couldn’t stay away!! And lets not get crazy I was dying to get know MJ and figure out all the secrets surrounding him. Boy oh boy, did this book deliver on secrets!! I was on the edge of my seat and I was so afraid to let Maddie have MJ’s heart!! I was really scared this book was going to lose my interest in the whole story,  worried that this was a bad idea to jump character point of views in the middle of a story! I was shocked and amazed at how draw in I am, now not only am I invested in Merrick & Rachael but MJ & Maddie! My mind is also racing with wanting more of Beck, and to know what more Enzo has up his sleeve and is Roger connected to all of it!! Not even mentioning the big secret I never saw coming!!! WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT? Can’t wait for the next book!!! If you haven’t started this series, what in the world are you waiting for!!! It is  a series that can not be past up!!! AGH, Kelli Maine you ROCK!!!


The soles of MJ’s boots echoing off the concrete driveway sounded like drum beats in his head. A raging, metal death band soundtrack to his shit life. He reached his car—a black ’68 Camaro convertible bought with blood money from his grandfather—and tossed his duffle bag in the backseat.

“Don’t tell me you’re running away again.”

Her voice sparked chills up his back. MJ turned and looked, but could only see a cloud of cigarette smoke lingering under the garage light. “Stay out of my business,” he said into the darkness.

Her deep, sultry chuckle sank inside his ears and made him close his eyes. That laugh. So many nights…that laugh in the dark, under the sheets. God, how he’d ached for her when she left.

“I thought you quit smoking,” he said, despite himself. Why could he never walk away from her?

Maddie slipped around the corner from the side of the garage and leaned against the door. He could just make out the faint red shine of her lips. Her dark hair loose around her shoulders. The predatory gleam in her eye. “Old habits die hard.”

MJ let out a sharp laugh. “Not all of them.” He opened the car door and got behind the wheel. There was no way he’d stay and get lured into her bed again. No way he’d go through that kind of torture when she took off on him.

Never again.